Company overview

Intec company is an Information Communications Technology Consulting services firm, which has been established in 2004 and operational since May 2005. There are three major areas of operation of Intec:

  • Consulting services;
  • Training and human resource capacity building and
  • Research and development, monitoring and evaluation.

Intec Company has a deep understanding of economic and societal development issues and has worked to ensure that the strategies for economc growth are balanced with issues of sustainability, equity and inclusion of civil society in achieving development goals.

Our mission: The mission of Intec Company is to make information and communications technology as one of the main drivers of economic development of Mongolia.

Our goals

  • Contribute towards an increasing role of ICT in the country development
  • Support large, small and medium size enterprises in introducing and using ICT in their daily operations and assist in improving their business relationships
  • Support public, governmental, businesses, NGOs and individuals in improving their skills and increasing their usage of ICT according to needs and demands of market
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

We will provide you with

  • Professional
  • Complete
  • Best suited and
  • Quality services